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Home Insurance

If you own a home, this means that you have a major asset that should be protected. There are steps you need to take to protect your property before something happens. Homeowner’s insurance protects your investment from various things such as damage by fire or natural weather conditions that include storm, hail, flood, or even natural disasters.

The Damages

Thanks to your insurance from Dott Insurance Group LLC, the insured damages are compensated under your contract; in the event, there is a fire, explosion, lightning strike, sewer backup, broken glass, damages, etc. If you live in Pennsylvania and own a home, you should try to get the best coverage. If you have a home under construction, some insurance companies offer insurance to cover damages that may occur during the building phase.

Renter’s Default

Most homeowner’s insurance provides affordable and extensive coverage. Unfortunate things happen in life, most of which you have no control over. Insurance gives you that peace of mind you need to sleep at night knowing that your home is protected. Many insurance companies have policies that will help you if your home is vandalized or theft has occurred.

What Happens In The Event Of A Claim?

In the event of a fire, water damage, theft, or natural disaster, the costs caused by the disaster are covered, depending on the type of property insured, whether single-family or other. In the event of damage caused to third parties related to the building, you are, for example, covered in the following situations:

  • Damage due to lack of maintenance or a construction defect in your building
  • The electrical installation of the building creates a short circuit, which causes a fire
  • A water pipe is leaking and causing damage
  • The bathtub overflows and causes water damage

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